Cobo Vault at Bitcoin 2019

Cobo Vault was at Bitcoin 2019 from June 25th to 26th. We took the opportunity to showcase our products, the Cobo Vault and the Fireproof Cobo Tablet, and interact with insightful Bitcoin enthusiasts. We were excited at the opportunity to exchange information and talk with visitors and industry leaders from all over the world.

Bitcoin 2019 is the annual conference for the Bitcoin community, and draws inspiration from the Bitcoin 2013 and Bitcoin 2014 conferences, which were held shortly after the technology’s inception.

With two full days of industry content, conversation, and a virtual hackathon that began a month earlier, Bitcoin 2019 saw the community participating enthusiastically in one place. The event hosted numerous discussions on blockchain and the future of Bitcoin with speakers from IT, finance and various notable projects. Speakers from Morgan Creek Digital, Blockstream, Abra, BTC Media, CoinDesk, BitGo, and various projects kept the audience hooked with their speeches and thoughts on Bitcoin and the digital asset space. Topics ranged from global regulations to the current state of bitcoin and insights into its future.

Cobo Vault sponsored the event and the winner of the Hackathon won a Cobo Vault.

The event had tickets for each attendee and held a drawing for various prizes. We had a winner for the Cobo Vault raffle.

For us, it was an incredible two days of talking to potential customers and discussing new collaborations. As sponsors of the #Bitcoin2019 conference, we’re happy that we played a role in bringing the community together. This event was chockfull of learning experiences, and we’re already looking forward to the next one.

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