Introducing the Cobo Tablet

The most prominent concern plaguing cryptocurrency investors today is security. With the entire system being totally decentralized, reversing a transaction is impossible; and if you lose your cryptocurrency, it is absolutely irretrievable. What if you lose your wallet, or damage the paper that stores your recovery key? Situations such as these can quickly become an investor's nightmare, but they also emphasize the importance of a comprehensive solution for securing your digital assets!

That’s exactly why the Cobo Tablet is a gamechanger. It is a mnemonic tablet and letter block that enables you to encase your 24-word recovery seed in a water-proof metal holder.

The recovery seed is essentially your master key and is a series of easy-to-remember 12-24 words. From this master key, your wallet creates a unique structure of private keys that are used to sign your transactions. Your public keys, which are used to generate addresses, are also derived from your master key. This means that if you ever lose your recovery seed, you lose access to all of those features.

It definitely needs to be saved in something stronger than paper, something that cannot be easily destroyed, something like the Cobo Tablet - because at the end of day, you are responsible for safeguarding your cryptocurrency!

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