The Cobo Tablet Is Now Fireproof

Still using paper to store your recovery seeds? It’s about time you change to the new Cobo Tablet. It has been re-designed to maximize ease of use and the security of your recovery seeds.

It is unbelievably affordable at $39!

Crafted from 304-grade stainless steel, the new Cobo Tablet is corrosion-free, resistant to salt water and acids, and has a fireproof threshold ranging from 2550 to 2650 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can be sure that whatever happens your recovery seeds will be safe within.

It is also incredibly easy to use, especially when you compare it to similar products available in the market today. In the box are a screwdriver, spare screws, and 252 letter tiles including a few blanks. The letter tiles are neatly stuck on sheets to avoid a potential mix up during shipping.

It’s also easy to pick out the letters you require for your recovery seed. What this means is you won’t spend time reorganizing the tiles or selecting them from a tray once they arrive.

All you need to do is unscrew the plate, place the letters into the metal slots to create your recovery seed, and screw the plate back into place. No carving, etching or struggling to slide the characters into their right places. It is a very simple process that takes only a couple of minutes.

The new Cobo Tablet can support up to 24 words, but you can also use 12 or 18 depending on the length of your recovery seed. It is crafted in such a way that each word can hold only up to four letters. Obviously, you will use words that are longer, so you must be curious to know the reason behind this.

It’s actually pretty simple! The Cobo Tablet is based on the BIP39 Code that is used to generate the mnemonic keys. The code consists of a specific list of 2048 English words that has been carefully curated so that the entire word can be identified with just the first 4 letters. If your recovery seed has three-letter words — all you need to do is use a piece in reverse.

As you can see, the Cobo Vault offers tons of advantages over competition and at a fraction of the price. 

You can buy yours here:


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